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Copper Bullion - The New Silver

A note about bullion.

While silver and gold are the most popular types of metals including platinum, palladium , copper is also being bought by collectors, investors and as a hedge against inflation. 

Of all the metals, copper is the most stable priced and along with silver and gold, is still considered real MONEY metal.  One of the downfalls about copper is it takes a lot of space to store and is harder to move around, but Copper is much less expensive than Silver and Gold and might be a good addition for you.

Here at you can buy Coppers Bars in Ounces, Pounds or Kilograms.  We also have Copper Rounds, Coins and Pennies.

Copper is one of the most useful metals on Earth. It is an efficient conductor of electricity. It is flexible and strong and it doesn’t corrode easily. It is used for heating, air conditioning, plumbing, roofing, adapters, computers, cars, mobile phones, wiring, electrical leads, transformers, motors and lighting units.

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